Face Treatment

Cryo-T Facial

Latest anti-aging device that provides 2 specialized treatment modalities for the face. After your consultation we will select which treatment is best for you… Slimming and contouring, tone and texture, or a combination of both!

Studies have shown that Cryo-T Facials increases the production of collagen, reduce puffiness, decrease pore size, all while tightening and toning the underneath structures of the skin. Cryo-T can also reduce acne breakout and help to heal acne when it is inflamed.

Post-surgical anti-inflammatory treatments are also very helpful at reducing swelling and pain after a procedure, barring doctor approval.

Cryo-T Facials are exhilarating! The facials are approximately 30-35 minutes and use no harsh product or creams. It is safe, effective, and leaves the skin feeling tight, toned, and invigorated!

There is NO down time what so ever. You can go right back to work or straight to an event! Result are immediate but improve over time based on setting and frequency of treatment. When “slimming” the face we recommend 5 sessions 1 to 2 weeks apart for a more permanent result.



"Tamra is all about helping you obtain your best body and soul! She has the best and latest equipment and knows how to use it. After leaving your session you feel like you spent a week at the gym and had a bonus hour of positive mindset therapy! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

Testimonial 1

"I don’t know name of treatment but my sagging leg skin is dramatically improved. I only had a sample treatment done, can’t wait to book a full session!!!"

Testimonial 2

"Tamra’s passion to help me achieve my wellness goals and get the body I want was life changing! I got far more than I bargained for and was in awe with the results. Trusted and Safe place for sure!"

Testimonial 3

"Excellent treatment from Tamra! She is an expert in her field and the service is customized to each person’s needs. 👍"

Testimonial 4

"If I could give more stars I would. This clinic is amazing. All the team members know their stuff and I could not be more satisfied with my results. Go see them, you won’t regret it!!"

Testimonial 5

"Always reminded how much the treatments are helping the body detox and feel the affects days after. Sherrie and Tamra work their magic to get you the results you want- after all its all about the person and the effort"

Testimonial 6


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