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Pre-Tan Preparation

Exfoliate body thoroughly, paying extra close attention to the knees, ankles, tops of feet, elbows, and the hands. The smoother the skin, the more even the tan and the longer it will last.

Skin Prep

Skin should be free of make-up, deodorants, moisturizers, perfume or oils, and body sprays. We do provide special wipes that can help eliminate make-up/body oils in the event you come straight from work but coming with clean dry skin is best.

Hair Removal

Hair removal should be done after exfoliation to minimize irritation. Shaving should be done 8 hours prior to tanning appointment or a day or two after the tan. If shaving a day or two after their tan, client should use a new sharp razor. Waxing or depilatory use needs to be done a day or two before the tan to minimize irritation. Waxing can remove your new color as the tan is only on the surface of the skin.

What to Wear to your Appointment

Wear loose dark clothing to prevent any bronzer rubbing off on clothes and to prevent any constricting clothing from causing sweat to wear tan off before it has a chance to develop. The solution washes out of most fabrics just fine; however, it’s not recommended to wear silk or satin.

Post-Tan Care

SHOWERING: Wait to shower for at least 8-10 hours (unless using a rapid tan solution choice). Begin moisturizing as much as possible AFTER the first shower when bronzer is washed off. This will help the life of the tan and allow it to fade evenly.

ACTIVITIES: Stay away from any activity that causes you to sweat until tan is developed and the bronzer has been rinsed away. Pay close attention to using water and avoid splashing water up their arms until after showering.